Fall Services

Fall Clean Up

At Green Prairie there is a feeling of joy and pleasure in our tasks when leaves are dry, light, compactable, and colorful! Trampling through leaves can be enjoyable. However, when the rains hit in fall and the leaves weigh hundreds of pounds, we are reminded of the unpleasant nature of raking leaves caked in mud and pet surprises! At Green Prairie, our Fall Cleanup includes;

-a blowing or vacuuming of the flower beds to expose the soil to prevent winter mold,
-raking or vacuuming of the lawn to prevent mold, voles, and air/water absorption,
-leaves are put onto large reusable tarps and loaded into vehicles to keep bags from our dump!
-the hauling away of all compostable debris from the property, NO BAGS LEFT BEHIND!

Fall Granular Fertilizer

Applying a broadcast granular fertilizer to the lawn in the fall is similar to a Spring Application. It is digested by plants and lawns slowly and consistently with watering/rain and has the advantage of feeding the lawn over a longer period. We recommend a top-dressing at the roots of plants to increase plant growth and production as well and can be included by speaking with us. Fall applications are beneficial even late in the season when the temperatures drop as the granular will sit dormant until the spring and be absorbed by the lawn in the melting snow

Some fertilizer basics, Fertilizers contain 3 main ingredients numbered on the package with a remainder of trace elements included as well:

N- Nitrogen is essential in spring for “greening” up the lawn quickly.

P-Phosphorus is useful in the development of strong root systems. Most Fertilizer bags no longer include this ingredient. Phosphate free fertilizers are now very common.

K-Potassium (Potash) helps increase lawn and plant photosynthesis, root development, and a resistance to disease.


Aeration is the act of loosening or opening the soil. Industrial aerators use the removal of “plugs” to create holes in the earth and leave the earth on the surface of the lawn, allowing nutrients to be reabsorbed with the help of irrigation or rainfall.  Best done in the spring or fall seasons!

Winnipeg spring clean up

Top Dressing

Top Dressing is the act of spreading 4 way or 3 way (omits manure) rich soil over an existing lawn. This allows the nutrients in the soil to feed a starving lawn which is limited by our clay. Manitoba clay-based soil compacts and restricts root growth for lawns, plants and trees. Compacted soil prohibits rain/water, oxygen, vital nutrients, and sunlight absorption while increasing rain runoff.

These are ideal conditions for “weeds” or unwanted more resilient plant growth. While incorporating a biological program of top dressing new fertile soil in the spring and or fall ensures a healthy green landscape it can also be used to level out the landscape for practicing those short putts on the greens!

Spring clean up