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Lawn Care



Our Green Prairie Landscaping team is dedicated to helping our customers in Winnipeg in keeping their home landscape surroundings clean and beautiful.  Grass cutting services for weekly contracts, monthly contract solutions and full year round service! 

Providing seasonal Lawn Care such as Maintaining and Cutting Grass, Snow Removal, our “Mow To Snow” Maintenance contracts are key in providing the reliable service our customers have come to depend on. 

The pride and respect our staff bring are appreciated by our customers in our landscaping projects as we take pleasure in beautifying Winnipeg.

We are a hardworking team that helps to keep Winnipeg beautiful and clear of snow for both Residential and Commercial clients. For further information or to arrange for a quote for our services please



Spring is the time to rake the grass and aerate the ground.

Aeration – There are many benefits to aeration for your lawn. Manitoba clay-based soil compacts and restricts root growth for lawns, plants and trees. Compacted soil prohibits rain/water, oxygen, vital nutrient, and sunlight absorption while increasing rain runoff and ideal conditions for “weeds” or unwanted more resilient plant growth.

Aeration is the act of loosening or opening the soil. Industrial aerators use the removal of “plugs” to create holes in the earth and leave the earth on the surface of the lawn, allowing nutrients to be reabsorbed with the help of irrigation or rainfall. Aeration can be alternatively performed by any action that creates holes or a loosening of the ground.  Aeration is best done in the spring or fall seasons, and incorporating biological program of top dressing new fertile soil in the spring and or fall ensures a healthy green landscape.



Weed fertilizing services weekly, monthly and beyond for your home landscapes in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With regular grass cutting and general weeding out of grass you can expect a beautiful yard all year long. Call for a free quote on fertilization of grass and other lawn care services locally.

Weeds be gone with Green Prairie Landscaping
GRANULAR FERTILIZER (phosphate free)


Granular or dry fertilizer is a type of fertilizer which comes in a dry pelleted form, as opposed to spikes, a liquid, or powder. Most garden stores carry several different types of granular fertilizer, along with an array of formulations which are designed to address specific soil conditions. This type of fertilizer has both advantages and disadvantages which gardeners have to consider before use.


A healthy lawn should only be cut when it needs it! NOT necessarily on a weekly basis! Maintaining a height 2.5 to 3 inches in spring and fall and up to 4 inches in the heat of summer is key to a healthy lawn and root system. Frequency is based upon prevailing weather conditions and fertilizer programs which determine the height of the lawn. No more than 30% of the total height of the lawn should be cut to avoid undue stress on the lawns root system.


Mulching or bagging the lawn is implemented as the lawn necessitates. Mulching is the act of cutting the lawn and leaving the fresh nutrient clippings to be absorbed.However, too much mulch creates a layer of thatch within the lawn. Thatch that prevents water, air, and other nutrients that lawns crave, access to the root system. At Green Prairie, we pride ourselves on our success in maintaining our customers lawns and working with them through the dispelling of myths to provide lawn care services that create the most ideal of growing conditions for their lawn.

Summer is a time of fun and renewal.

Take time with the family, take time at the beach.

Leave the lawn care to the people at Green Prairie Landscaping.